At the risk of sounding privileged, some of the perks of retirement are having a steady fixed income, paid off house and cars, and lower expenses. I know this isn’t true for everyone. We were both fortunate to be in Ohio’s Public Retirement System with offers much better health care and retirement benefits than Social Security. One of the ways […]

NCS Welcomes Back Laura Cummings

Norwich Consulting Services is excited to welcome Laura Cummings back to the team. Right now, Laura will be providing administrative support for the Early Intervention Seminars. Please contact if you have any questions about registration or certificates for the EI Seminars.

NCS Welcomes Barb Seckler

Norwich Consulting Services is excited to offer a new branch of consulting services focusing on external affairs, political strategy, project management and strategic communications. Barb Seckler is joining the team after a 33 year career in public service. She is an influencer who has the skills and connections to bring together people and organizations to achieve desired results. Barb has […]

NCS Partners with Sara Sherman International, LLC

Norwich Consulting Services is pleased to welcome Sara Sherman as a new collaborating partner. Sara is the President and CEO of Sara Sherman International. She is a sought speaker, trainer, and organizational management expert.  For more information, please see Sara Sherman Bio