The Creative Abundance Model

The Center for Medicaid Services (CMS) and the United States Department of Justice are sweeping the country and demanding a change in the way services are delivered to individuals with disabilities. Services must be provided in integrated, community settings.  In the book “UpCycling Sheltered Workshops”, we offer an approach to providing integrated services by turning the sheltered workshops into the community!  UpCycling Sheltered Workshops is about social change.  We offer the 12 Stage Creative Abundance Model for changing traditional sheltered workshops into community centers.  We believe that everything we need to make this change already exists:  abundance and creativity.  We also believe that the Creative Abundance Model can be applied to many settings (nursing homes, day treatment programs, recovery programs, gender specific programs, senior centers).  

We specialize in offering customized consulting to organizations that support individuals with perceived differences. The process of responding to the interests and talents of people being served is at the center of this approach.  We begin with the understanding that the participants are the experts of what they like to do. Following curiosity and passion leads to uncovering interests and developing engaging dynamic programming. Tapping into the talents and interests of the staff expands programming opportunities, increases morale and demonstrates professional respect.  The goal of our consulting is to create the foundation for sustainable and innovative programming.

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